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Never did I think that one of my blog post titles would include the world “alpacas.”  But I am so glad that it does!

alpacas 15On Saturday, I met up with Erin and her husband, Josh, for lunch and an animal adventure.  Following lunch at McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, we drove out to Fort Calhoun, NE to Alpacas of the Heartland for their National Alpaca Farm Days open house.  Our journey started with a walk up one of the steepest hills.  I counted that as my workout for the day.

alpacas 13Once we made it up the hill and rounded the corner to the area where the alpacas live, we pretty much squealed with excitement.   They were SO cute!

alpacas 2We were quite excited and happy to be there!

alpacas 3After we were given carrot chips to feed to the alpacas, we headed into the fenced area to hang out with our new friends.  Seriously, how cute are they?

alpacas 6Feeding the alpacas was such a cool experience.  Some of them wanted nothing to do with the carrots, while others were food hogs.  They would come back for more, stick their face up to yours, and essentially beg.  I cannot say that I blame them.  Carrots are good!  I was a sucker for their cuteness and ended up feeding a couple of the alpacas at least five carrot chips each.

alpacas 8I tried telling this one that I did not have any carrots left.  I don’t think she wanted to believe me.

alpacas 4There were adorable baby alpacas (called crias) at the farm, too!  Some of them were only a few weeks old.

alpacasI must say that the majority of the alpacas had some rockin’ hair.  Unfortunately we were told that they do not like to be touched on the head so we were not able to feel how fluffy it was.  I can, however, say that the fur on their bodies is quite soft and super thick.  I couldn’t stop petting them!

All in all they are basically adorable and it was such a fun afternoon at the farm.  The alpacas were hilariously cute, the people were great, and all three of us had a blast.  We decided that this needs to be an annual adventure for us!

alpacas 14We may not have a beach or mountains, but Nebraska sure can be beautiful!

My Fall Bucket List

This past Saturday was a perfect reminder of why I love fall so much.  The weather is perfect.  The colors are gorgeous.  The food and drinks are oh-so delicious.  And the opportunities for quality time with family and friends seem endless.

I know that Fall technically began a week ago and I am a bit behind on this one, but since it is my favorite season I thought it was only fitting to create a Fall bucket list.  A couple of these I have already accomplished, but most I am really looking forward to checking off of my list in the months of October and November.

Fall 2014 Bucket ListTell me… what is on your Fall bucket list this year?

Have you ever made friends with alpacas?

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