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WIAW lentil chips

We made it to Wednesday.  Therefore, we are almost halfway through the work week.  Just typing and reading that makes me feel better about the day already.  I hope that your week has been going great and that you have been eating plenty of delicious food! Today I am linking up for What I Ate [...]

wiaw quinoa veggie fried rice

And just like that, Wednesday is here and we are halfway through the month of April.  I am itching for some May weather, and I have so many things to look forward to in the month of June.  Basically, I would not be too upset if the rest of April sped on by. But until [...]

Lentil Dal Instagram

Wednesday, Wednesday... oh how I like thee!  Not love, though.  Love is reserved for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  But only until about midday on Sunday.  At that point the Monday-eve blues start setting in. As with nearly every other Wednesday here on Clean Eating Veggie Girl, I am celebrating What I Ate Wednesday and sharing [...]

WIAW green smoothie

It's April!  Seriously?  April?  How in the heck did that happen?  No complaints here.  I'm excited that we are one month closer to summer! I don't have any fun April Fools tricks to play on you today.  Instead, I have a full day of delicious eats to share.  There's no joking about that!  These are [...]

WIAW larabar

Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  I had an awesome birthday yesterday, and felt so loved by my family, friends, co-workers, and all of you! This is what I arrived to at work first thing in the morning.  Talk about a great way to start off a Tuesday... even [...]

WIAW 31515 2

Happy Wednesday, all!  I hope you survived St. Patty's Day.  Mine was less than eventful.  Some working.  Some eating.  Some blogging.  And some TV watching.  That was about the extent of my day.  But I'm not complaining.  The hangover is never worth it, am I right? By now you know exactly what happens on Clean [...]

Instagram Chocolate Cornbread Pancakes

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my first What I Ate Wednesday via my Instagram account a few weeks ago, and I think many of you did too!  I so often share pictures of my meals from my DSLR and, as a result, most of the pictures that are only caught by my iPhone get lost in [...]

grilled cheese tomato soup

I am more than excited that Wednesday is here!  That means I am almost halfway through one of the busiest work weeks of the year.  If you work in higher education, you know that the time of year right before the start of a term or semester is usually nuts.  I already feel like I have [...]


I'm scratching the small talk this morning and getting straight to the food... the What I Ate Wednesday food!  Most Wednesdays I share a peek into a day of my weekend eats.  I decided to mix things up this week and show what I ate on a work day during the week.  Here are my mostly [...]


Is it really only Wednesday?  Boo!  Despite a busy week at work, it is taking forever for Friday to get here.  It probably does not help that I am incredibly eager for the upcoming weekend.  Jeremy will be here, and we have a fun fondue day with friends and Omaha Beer Week's Extreme Beer Fest [...]